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Story Time

Marketing & Advertising, according to me, need just two ingredients: logical thinking & storytelling. The rest is just semantics. Don’t be bogged down by jargon like ‘number of keywords’ or ‘rules of design’, they are all threads in the fabric of marketing & advertising, & fixating on one is like reading only a single chapter of a novel. It can be entertaining, sure, but it does not reveal the plot or tell the entire story, & leaves you with an aftertaste that makes you go, HUH?!

What you need is the whole book, a logically written narrative that begins with a well researched backstory & memorable character introduction, proceeds to create the contours of a plot that pique interest and hook attention, segues into a jaw dropping climax, and resolves into an ending that leaves the reader desperately craving for a sequel.

Let me tell your story.


You know the drill.

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